John and Mic

Katie Kroeker - Pacific Ridge Landscapes

For this podcast Denny Warner & I interviewed Katie Kroeker, Owner/Designer of Pacific Ridge Landscapes and Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Board member. 

It's a fantastic Peninsula business story…reflecting on their core offerings, labour market challenges and the "Peninsula Business Advantage", this is a must hear podcast!

Our chat with Mitchell Morse of “The Fickle Fig Market”

In our inaugural podcast highlighting Peninsula business, we chatted with Mitchell Morse of The Fickle Fig Farm Market

Denny Warner, CEO of the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, and I (John Juricic) will be regularly chatting with Peninsula Chamber of Commerce businesses and listening to their extraordinary stories. 

This podcast with Mitchell Morse of The Fickle Fig Market was so much fun! We talked about Mitchell's past and how he eventually settled his business in North Saanich...his food & agricultural principles and values...we chatted about The Fickle Fig Market's great & tasty products...and where The Fickle Fig Market looks to expand in the future.