Radio Sidney February 1st - Peninsula Affairs - Sidney Economic Development Discussion

Adam Olsen visits Nicholson Manufacturing…and more business chatter

  • who are Nicholson Manufacturing…what do they do?
  • we discuss the lack of skilled trades available to manufacturing companies…
  • how does automation and innovation fit into the operational processes? What are the consequences for employees…
    • are the educational institutions aligned with the training requirements?
  • what are the transportation implications for moving these industry products?
    • what is the role of our airport & ferries?

Kathyrn’s 91.3 “The Zone” December 2018 interview - The Gift of Good Food

Adam Olsen visits Epicure…and more business chatter

Take a listen to our continuing podcast series focusing on Peninsula business. Recently Adam visited Epicure Selections ( in North Saanich - a great global company! #epicurerocks / #peninsulaindustry / #adamolsen


A Conversation with Adam Olsen, MLA - Saanich North & the Islands

Adam, Mic & I begin a regular podcast feature highlighting all things business on the Peninsula. Listen in to our inaugural chat right after quite the day at the legislature…

Rishi Sharma - Saanich Council candidate 2018 - the campaign journey, a personal introspective

Rishi Sharma - Saanich Council 2018 Candidate ( - the campaign journey, a personal introspection...the politics of signs, all candidates meetings, early morning interview from the Gordon Head Recreation Center. 


Meet Dorothy Hartshorne - Mayoral Candidate for North Saanich

Learn about Dorothy Hartshorne - a 2018 North Saanich Mayoral Candidate...who she is...her key policy positions...

Meet Geoff Orr - Mayoral Candidate for North Saanich

Learn about Geoff Orr (not related to Bobby) - a 2018 North Saanich Mayoral Candidate...who he is...his key policy priorities...