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Rishi Sharma - Saanich Council candidate 2018 - the campaign journey, a personal introspective

Rishi Sharma - Saanich Council 2018 Candidate ( - the campaign journey, a personal introspection...the politics of signs, all candidates meetings, early morning interview from the Gordon Head Recreation Center. 


Meet Dorothy Hartshorne - Mayoral Candidate for North Saanich

Learn about Dorothy Hartshorne - a 2018 North Saanich Mayoral Candidate...who she is...her key policy positions...

Meet Geoff Orr - Mayoral Candidate for North Saanich

Learn about Geoff Orr (not related to Bobby) - a 2018 North Saanich Mayoral Candidate...who he is...his key policy priorities...



Meet Rishi Sharma - Candidate for Saanich Council

EduTech chat with Erin Bremner-Mitchell on “The Zone - 91.3″

Join EduTech manager Erin Bremner-Mitchell on "The Zone" 91.3 for a brief review of this exciting event / February 15th / 9am - 3pm: Secondary Students / 4pm - 7pm: General Public.  


Kathryn Juricic / Gift of Good Food Box - CBC Interview Dec 21, 2017

Join Program Coordinator Kathryn Juricic as she chats about the 2017 Fernwood NRG Gift of Good Food Box Fundraising Campaign. Donate today!

Kathryn Juricic “Gift of Good Food” Campaign Update - 91.3 The Zone

Listen to "The Gift of Good Food" Program Coordinator Kathryn Juricic talk about the 2017 campaign on 91.3 "The Zone". 

SBC May 11th – Bill Cooke, P.Eng., Chair, Sidney Breakfast Club

Hi everyone. In continuing with our SBC 25th year anniversary theme, our meeting this month will feature a talk given by our beloved SBC leader, Bill Cooke, P.Eng., Chair, Sidney Breakfast Club. 

Bill is a registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years of experience working in the technology and advanced manufacturing sector for a number of companies and organizations across Canada.  He has been the general manager of two advanced manufacturing companies as well as co-founding and managing two consulting companies since moving to Sidney in 1982.  He joined VIATeC in 1998 working as a project manager for 5 years and then CEO before retiring in 2005 to continue working with start-up and early-stage companies.

On May 11th, as an SBC member since 1993 and volunteer chair since 1997, Bill will lead a discussion celebrating: “A 25 year history of the Sidney Breakfast Club“.

The SBC, founded by Dr. Rick Hudson in 1991/2 started with 20 member companies as a forum for high technology owners to get together.  Known as “the Breakfast Club”, these entrepreneurs of knowledge-based corporations in the region met monthly to discuss areas of common interest and concern.

Join Bill to hear more about the history and future of this group as it continues to grow and contribute to our local community economy. We are expecting some “original” member company participants to join us and share their experiences. This will be a one of a kind and a can’t miss meeting! 

Video of the presentation - You Tube Video

Andrew Wynn-Williams - CME BC VP - CBC Interview on Trade Relations with the US

Sidney Breakfast Club March 9th – Terry Curran, P.Eng.

Continuing with our SBC 25th year anniversary theme, we are lucky to have one of the region’s original Industry builders and leaders speak to us this month.

Terry Curran, P. Eng.,  joined the embryonic Institute of Ocean Sciences in 1973 as a project engineer, and in 1980 became the Industrial Liaison Officer as well as Chief of Engineering Services.  He retired from IOS in 2012, and works part time for the Pacific Salmon Foundation creating and populating a website for marine data for BC.

Our topic on March 9th will be: “Early history of the Institute of Ocean Sciences and the local Marine Science and Technology Companies, 1970 – 2000”

In this talk, Terry will discuss the founding principles of the Institute of Ocean Sciences and the related development of the marine science and technology companies from an insider’s point of view.  Much of the growth occurred in the 1980s, and various federal policies and programs contributed to the resulting success of local companies.  Policy changes in the early nineties lead to the creation of the Sidney Breakfast Club, and a changed role for IOS.

Video of the presentation -